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A stock AE86 is a car with an aftermarket LSD, coilovers, RCA’s, exhaust and intake, seats, steering wheel and baseball bat fenders. No one… I mean NO ONE wants to drive an AE86 that is truly stock, and NO ONE since 1997 has ever owned an AE86 that was truly unmodified.

I thought ZN6/ZC6/FT86 would be slightly different, and it probably is… but winter restlessness is freaking killing me. I’m to the shopping phase: catback exhaust, coilovers, 9J wheels, TRD louvers, all that cool bolt on shit that people were excited about when this car came out two years ago.

Now…. in 2015… there is a new car revolution in progress, and for better or worse the FT86 has fallen OTB. Every new car has a flat plane V8 or two turbos and three electric motors. All of a sudden the FT86 looks like an honest hachiroku with 90hp and a solid rear axle.

Luckily I’m used to being in this position.

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3 thoughts on “86 Stock

  • Paul

    Doesn’t take long to get left behind these days
    Especially when the car when new was nowhere near its peers in the power department.
    I’m assuming it punches over its weight when speaking of handling, but most cars are turbo, aw’whatever drive, ect
    Still it’s probably got more spirit than a evo, Sti, Miata, ect

  • Locotoy

    Nah, it’s all good.
    Those cars you’ve mentioned are for a whole ‘nother segment. As long as the FRS is on top of the affordable RWD Sports Car segment then it won’t be so bad for us mere mortal car enthusiast. I guess the new MX5 will be challenging the FRS in the segment later this year and so far the Nissan IDx is just a concept.

    Automakers can flash their big schlong filled with techno doodads Halo Car all they want but most of them will just be on a poster of a 12 year olds bedroom wall (or a wall paper/screensaver on a laptop since we’re actually in the future 😛 ) anyway. I want to own an FRS someday and there’s a chance that may happen in a few years but I don’t think I’ll be able to own a Ford GT or an NSX… unless of course if I win something big?

  • Q

    Conquer the world with 86. That’s been the goal for the last 17 years. I have already half copped out by switching to ZN6.

    If the FA20 could actually be tuned up with out boost I’d be done whining. It’s no K20… or 4AG even for that matter… but maybe that just takes time to develop.