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2GR Header

I’m working on these 2GRFE headers for a friend. Some long equal length 700mm stepped primaries have been spec’ed, and given limited space there are a number of bends.

When it came to checking my work, I was having a hard time measuring lengths. Using a tape measure gave a different result every time as I looked for a happy medium between measuring inside radius and outside radius. I then raided the kids toy box for some gigantic 1″ diameter foam pipe cleaners, cutting them to the right length and then threading them (with some difficulty) through the tubes. That method as well proved inconsistent, as the pipe cleaners found different routes through the much larger 2.125″ primaries.


In the end, I picked up a $6 bag of play sand from Home Depot, filled an appropriate length of straight tubing with the sand, taped one end of my primaries up, and dumped the sand out of the straight tubing into my primary. Then I marked the level of the sand in that primary and cut accordingly. Of course, it’s not that simple as the primaries still all need to meet in the same place to be collected into the secondary… but for better or worse, at least I actually have a good understanding of what I’ve done.

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3 thoughts on “Hacking Methods 47

  • Devin

    What’s with the 2gr? Doesn’t seem like that impressive of an engine?
    Seems to be catching on as swap from a quick Google search.
    What’s this one going in?

  • Locotoy

    Are you working on a Lotus Evora? Or is this 2GR swapped into something else… like an MR2 or something?

  • Q

    A 2GR is unlikely to ever break a dyno, but it is all aluminum and does respond quite nicely to naturally aspirated tweaking. In this case, rules and regulations dictated a lot…

    Because it’s not my car I won’t add anymore than that. It is being mounted behind the seats though… as the manifold suggests.