Heh you can only do so much in Street class… and I always wanted Tomei parts for my AE86’s. If all I can do is a cat back exhaust and a sway bar, then I might as well do those things right.

In titanium, this Tomei system is rumoured to save 35lbs over the stock system, and given that I must retain the catalytic converters, and I can’t change anything else about the engine, I expect that weight savings will be about the only performance advantage an exhaust system can offer.

The noise it could make, is a real concern. This is the 60S system which includes a muffler. The 60R system is available for those who want to destroy the local motorsports community. We’ll have to wait a few months to see how much blat it actually makes… I’ve also ordered a tubular sway bar, and some 6.5kg wheels but the boat appears to have stopped off in Hawaii for a long Christmas break. No way I’m putting this ricy blue thing on my car without a few other items to distract your eyes away from it.

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