FA20 Is Doomed 3


When famed engine tuner Jun is swapping out FA20’s rather than building them up, it seems like the future is bleak for FA20 owners.

That said… I did add this photo to my background image roll. Certainly looks drool worthy… but when projecting 58.XXX Tsukuba times, I wonder if Jun is confusing RPM and number of throttle bodies with actual output… nevermind the relatively mild aero this car is equipped with. I will be impressed.

But… rather than carefully watching for the moment this car puts together an angry lap, I will remain hopeful that someone will figure out how to get 300hp out of an FA20 without boost. Let’s do it Japan! K20 gets to that mark. EJ25 gets to that mark… hell even B16’s and 4AG’s are putting out bigger numbers than FA20’s.

And stock FT86 weight distribution is 56/44? That certainly is not what is advertised, and more like what my WRX was… Seems like someone is fudging numbers to sell pretty things.

Read the full Speedhunters article here.

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3 thoughts on “FA20 Is Doomed

  • Robert

    I also am skeptical about the 58.xxx time, but we will see.

    I think TODA might have a few things to say about the FA20…eventually. haha From what I hear, they’re slowly working their way through the car.

    As for the stock weight distribution, it’s 53/47. I always take what SpeedHunters say with a grain of salt as they rarely fact-check their articles.

  • Q

    The cost is understandable, but certainly not insignificant! With zero doubt, there are many many better ways to spend your money if you want to make your FRS go faster.

    Where the 11k RPM FA20 at?