You Know It Wasn’t Me 1

[qr]GaraGe fits on this map, but you know it wasn’t I. What a piss off that they are not only in my front yard, but they are also driving my car.

I have been known to say that if you race on the street, “death awaits you.” Well it may be that that death looks a helluva lot like a lanky, scruffy mole faced guy who wants a proper freaking race track in his province. Some of you will say that street racing is why we need a race track. I say that street racing is why we need police brutality and car crushers. Of course my view is not actually this extreme, but there is no way that stories like this help the cause of race track builders. And FYI, the exact time that this “race” went down there was an ASN sanctioned event not 20minutes away where both of these losers may have spent $50 and proven to everyone in attendance that their cars are slow and they can’t drive worth a shit.

But heh… that’s no way to encourage people to get involved in motorsports…

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One thought on “You Know It Wasn’t Me

  • randedge

    Awww… I’m touched that you’re referencing my award winning film, “Goodbye Race City”


    Randy <- Award winning Filmmaker