Lying Up 2


No joke… for the first time today I told someone how “good” my Dodge truck was. Moments later it died and wouldn’t re-start.

The truck is now scattered across my yard… with my shop too small to both house it, and at the same time grant access to, and space to maneuver very large and separated components there are no real options but to get my red neck on. It’s very painful when it’s -20 outside, and work is already incredibly busy.

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2 thoughts on “Lying Up

  • Q

    Fuel pump. We could have dropped the tank out the bottom, but that would have required disconnecting a whole bunch of lines/connectors and draining 120L of fuel. The box was a lot heavier than expected… but was only six bolts plus the tail lights. Whole job took two of us about 3 hours… I’m whining about nothing much.

    Pretty easy to diagnose when the fuel pump typically makes a huge racket.