Back in grey 6


My new shoes are boring and grey, but somehow I like them. If no one ever noticed my car that would make me happy. Any attention is bad attention.

If you think my car looks hotter than ever though, despite the boring wheels, you’d be right. It is. As a result of a recent revision to SCCA regulations, the FRS community was alerted to the legality of TRD optional springs and sway bars for street class. Always looking for a reason to modify my car, I immediately ordered said parts. They come with a mild rise in spring rate, and a 1″ drop. The stock suspension on these cars is already really quite good and I can’t say I notice any difference in performance on the street. Having not yet had my car to the track, I’ll never be able to compare to the stock parts, but at the very least, it looks better.

The disappointing part, is that the car woke up with an oil leak. The smoke rises from the rear passenger side of the engine where there is reportedly a cam seal that fails often. Looking quickly, I saw no residue of oil anywhere and was too annoyed to look further. The car has 3300km on it at this point, and none of those km have been hard by any even my grandmothers definition.

Subaru. Fail.

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6 thoughts on “Back in grey

  • randedge

    TRD springs are stock legal?

    Geez… I feel like it shouldn’t be. But whatever. I’m not the rulemaker.

    I’ve heard someone say before that SCCA SOLO rules play favourites. Whether on purpose or inadvertently, I don’t know. But, I agree – there just seem to be cars that become so favoured in a class all because the silly rules benefit them the most. For instance, for the longest time in stock, you are only allowed a front swaybar. Perhaps a throwback from back in the day when only RWD sportscars that lean so much and practically fall over on their sidewalls the moment any transient maneuver is introduced. So you then had S2000’s and Miatas dominating their respective stock classes. Now, whether there was an FF car that could have challenged them with only a rear swaybar is beside the point – I am merely commenting on how some cars seemingly end up being favourites.

  • Q

    Hey now, your talking like a BRZ owner. I don’t think the SCCA is pleased about it, but that’s the way it is for a year at least.

    The parts are clearly offered as options at time of purchase.

  • randedge

    Next time I see your car, I’d like to push down on the fender to see how stiff it is.

    Hopefully I’ll dent it enough that you’ll see it in certain light and angles. You know, just like what happened with the Evo.

  • Q

    Very similar to that yes. GM has offered packages that included spring upgrades as well. It’s not entirely unusual, but the topic has raised a gigantic stink over on FT86club, with people daily replying in disbelief, and speculating the parts legality. The SCCA has openly acknowledged it now though, and is reportedly planning to move the RS1.0 back into C to join all in response.

    The 3M is pretty stupid. Not always as obvious as in the picture, but definitely visible. It also looks like hell through my polarized sunglasses, confusing my eyes into thinking there are dents around the headlight areas.

    Definitely not recommended, and I’m going to be hate it even more the first time I knock the car and have to fight it while repairing body panels.