Love and Life 3

truckI don’t know that I actually love my truck. I’ve used it everyday for almost two years now, and have had no real complaints…. But it would be kind of nice if I was able to sell it. It doesn’t really fit in my shop. My wife refuses to drive it. It’s expensive as hell on gas, and the rate I pay for insurance on it seems directly proportional to it’s weight.

But it’s so incredibly practical that I can’t sell it. Taking kids to the park? Throw bikes in the back. Wait, you’ll give me that EJ28 for free if I can haul it away right now? Crawford bling in the back. Haul cones out to the lake? Five wasted bro’s at the pub? Six gigantic suitcases full of weird shit from a Japanese dollar store? Mud road leading to a work site? It does it all.

Your not a man if you don’t have a truck.

Be a man. Buy my truck.

I’d trade it all for a six throttle 2JZ R154 JCE10. I love my cheap, boring, tiny Lexus.

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3 thoughts on “Love and Life

  • Q

    It’s true… I was looking at dimensions, and the IS300 is really quite small by modern standards, and the sight lines are fantastic. I can back in into my garage within mm of the wall and benches and tool boxes every time…

    …Except for the one time when I hit the bench and said, “meh, it’s just a cheap 10 year old car.”

    But really, the car is a blast and I like driving it a lot. Probably never competitive at the track… but I’m sick of having a “competitive” car that I can’t touch because of $$ or regulations.

    Paul told me he loves yours… so why sell?

  • Locotoy

    “Paul told me he loves yours… so why sell?”

    Because at that time I had no dinero and then seven months later I lost my job, so I had to sell it either way. 🙁

    I really love how that inline six purrs, smoothest revving engine that I’ve driven.