Under Cover of Darkness


You know the car is only so interesting to drive, when I’d rather play with the camera. This is my Canon sitting on a bench with exposure time set to 8.0 seconds, me pushing the button then walking into the frame. Looks like photoshop but feels like magic.

That said, for the sake of trying to get my wife interested in this car, you may notice that I found a used TRD front lip. After installation she has noted nothing about the appearance of the car, but complains that she hits the front end on parking blocks. Sounds like I need to build a proper sturdy splitter/undertray to protect the new muscular look.

foggymorningI also picked up some Sparco Terra’s and studded Hankook’s. My four year old thinks they are cool, but again my wife noticed nothing except tire noise on the highway.

I’m sure that the TRD springs and dampers currently on the boat from Nihon-land will turn her around and wake her up to how fun and awesome this car really is. If not… at least it is turning into something that I really like having around.

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