Spring Sprung 2

ZN6 - Drive Me

Too many friends have keys to the shop? This was a funny surprise, as I have actually been toying with bringing the car out again. Winter has been short, but challenging. Paying monthly on a car that sits is not a new thing, but it isn’t particularly comfortable when no money is coming in. With spring comes employment opportunity. There is hope.

A year and a half into ZN6 ownership now, I think I’ve finally realized and come to terms with the limitations of the car. This aint no S2000 fighter. Yes they are similar in specification, but with respect to performance, the Honda seems to have an edge everywhere. There continues to be no real development in FA20 upgrades. The common answer is boost. Popular opinion quite often is wrong. In time attack and solo, where boost or 2JZ is applied tuners seem to struggle putting power to the ground. The bottom line is that just like AE86, the ZN6 owner has to accept that there is faster machinery out there. Instead of undergoing endless struggle trying to keep up, just enjoy what you’ve got.

ZN6 Resting

And for me, enjoying what I got means minor tweaking and playing as well as driving. While I managed to do some travelling for solo last year, I expect that this year I will not. Local venues are up in the air… I’m about ready to say enough of my commitment to C-street, and move on with some fun bolt ons.

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2 thoughts on “Spring Sprung

  • Robert

    I find that people who complain about the car’s lack of power stock, then buy some form of F/I, are usually still unhappy once they have it. The car has a particular philosophy and appeal and it seems people don’t really want to understand or accept it. It’s simply a car built for the enjoyment of driving, and if you can’t have fun with the car as it is, no matter what engine you drop in or how much power you make is going to change that.

  • Quentin Osborne Post author

    hell yes!

    I’ve told myself in the past though, that any modification might fall into that same category. If I need to change a car to enjoy it more, when will my enjoyment ever be maximized? 🙂 Probably never… hence why modifying only ends when I have no more money.

    It’s something I’m considering deeply right now, as I really want to personalize the car more.

    As usual, the best answer is nice fancy wheels… and Bilsteins. But mostly wheels. Damn 5X100 ruins everything.