Co Pilot


One man brings two

to the cone party

down and out ?

naw, it was just a wiggle.


The Annexe has been silent for far too long.  For the last quarter of 2015 it was because I was waiting to have good news after a motor swap in the Bugeye. And that news has not come, because the JDM ej205 went in well, and it was running strong – but it was not fully happy. And that unhappiness has become outright distress. And now the WRX still sits still on the street. A big bright CEL began to strobe, and I am back to needing another ‘new’ motor to run without the threat of death.

So all winter I was driving the World Rally Blue with a red count-down timer of Doom over my head that I could not see.

And by spring I had to park it.

So from April through June I was riding on, not in, a BMW with 2 wheels only. And car life continued to be non-existent in the Annexe.

But from April until yesterday I still had a more exciting car life than most. Because Q continued to be what he has always been to me.

Copilot. Brother. Nakama.

I have brought my own cars to RallyCross events in the gnarly gravel of Race City overflow parking, and to Winter AutoX ‘Ice Dice’ events on the blue ice of Ghost Lake – but I have never prepared a car for actual AutoSlalom.

There are many co-driver teams at our local events. And every co-driver situation has it’s own dynamic. My current dynamic is very similar to my original entry. I show up and drive a car that is unfamiliar to me. My first run is often full of disbelief and intentional reservation. But after just one lap in the passenger seat I am reminded that although the limit is elusively beyond my reach, I can imperfectly achieve the pursuit of happiness – as a copilot on Sundays.



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