Shi no Senkoku


I am slow to get things done. Things happen pretty fast in my mind – but am much slower getting them on paper, let alone tangible incarnations.

The WRX has been sitting since May, and nice weather isn’t the real reason. I am reluctant to make a second attempt at a JDM motor, because this time around the turbo & tuning would be unavoidable. So the cost would be even greater, and the result would be the same old thing.

A fun, capable, rowdy car that brings smiles to our faces.

But turbo lag. And 2000cc banality.

So what then.

I have that EG33 sitting in the barn. Entire wiring harness and all. And a timing belt kit to boot.

I have thought about trying to sell the whole thing to someone as a project. But damn, when I think about a GD33 I get pretty excited. What I truly want, upon ernest reflection, is to part out the ej205 stuff and transplant the heart of the SVX. I really really do. And it is starting to take on a metaphorical meaning to me, about whether I am a car guy. Because maybe I’ll sell off the projects, buy a hybrid family hauler, and just sail off into the distance.

With the leaves on the ground, frost will be coming soon. I am already spending a lot more time studying car-seat data than I am tracing wiring diagrams. My garage is full of home renovation junk/tools/materials, and the Barn has a dedicated parking sign.

So the clock ticks down, and the Doomtrain rumbles.

Death equals abandonment/sale. Victory equals a second life; the phoenix rising.

Hold on to your butts, and smoke ’em if you got ’em. This could take a while.

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