When Q and R counted up their past cars and found they had owned 31 and 43 respective projects, it made me realize how inactive my car life is by comparison. 2 BC6s, The Trackick , and now the GDA again are the only official entries to my name. I hold no delusions of catching up with the pace, but it did motivate me to do two things.

Decide what counts, and mention a few cars that never made mention here.

I owned the 1990 525i for almost a decade, but it isn’t mentioned around here and I always thought that was for two reasons. I thought that since it was an automatic, and that it would never enter a driving competetion it didn’t count. But the Lexus has proved that wrong.

So it wasn’t the hardware, and it wasn’t the absence from MotorSportsReg.

Looking back I think it was for two reasons. I think it was because I didn’t figure out how the e34 was supposed to be a part of my life (racing, wrenching, art, leisure, daily??? – none of it seemed natural in that car and I guess that is why to this day I don’t have a good picture of that car) and, but more importantly, because I simply didn’t make it so.

I have put many wheels in the barn, without putting them on qrgarage.

Consider the NA Miata, the answer to everything.

I didn’t race it – but when it comes to wrenching, art, leisure, daily, etc -it was a total win. That’s a project if ever there was one. When will we ever have time for this again?


So I have decided what counts.

You have to find a way to make it yours.

And then you have to share it.


I’ll leave documentation of some of the other things for another time.


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