Always Blue 3


Yah it’s that time of year again… but the truth is that I think seriously about World Rally Blue all year round. I am generally always in some state of regret about a past car sale. For quite some time, it was my RN66 truck.  I’ve moved past the loss of my AE86, yet I still regret giving up the Power Wagon…

For anytime pleasure however… nothing in my past has even come close to touching this GDA.

  1. The car fit me like a glove… and generally fun cars make me feel like I belong in a circus.
  2. It hauled the kids. A freaking back seat! And one that even fit full size oil executives in it!
  3. It may actually have been the most balanced car I’ve ever owned. The engine is ahead of the front axle so that sounds stupid… but thing was toss-able on any surface.
  4. Rumble.  ZN6 makes good sounds.  EJ207 much better.
  5. Balls.  Drop terds on almost anyone, anytime.

I still love the FRS, but there is no question that a WRX is more car… and for my heart moves, the GD is still the tops.


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3 thoughts on “Always Blue

  • GrantC

    STi winter car & s2000 summer car is something I’m _very_ happy with.

    Trying to make the STi a nimble summer track car and commuter would lose it’s Winter WRC character.

    Trying to drive the s2000 in the winter is never going to feel like a Subaru, no matter what tires I put on it.

  • Q Osborne Post author

    yah that sounds like a nice set up.

    I do think that an easy spring and damper change is all that’s required to transform the car. Although it will never be an S2000, I believe it has the potential to beat an S2000 around the track or pylons, even in stock form.

  • GrantC

    Hah, I’ll agree that at most it’s “course dependant”.

    If there’s a lot of digging out of a slow turn around, sure the STi can claw a lead. If it’s all flowing & 3rd gear slalom (or width dependant) then the s2000 is gone.

    But the s2000 is way more “knife edged” than the Subaru, so it’s no where near as easy to drive near it’s limit as the Subaru is…