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GT6 - FT86 Quick Match at Suzuka

I’m not one who really believes that video games skills translate to real life, or visa-versa, but having played my fair share, I believe that good racing games do at least get you thinking about the right concepts. Certainly, the serious gamers who I have driven with, always show real understanding of theory.  

I’ve been playing the Gran Truismo franchise of games since 1997, though certainly less and less frequently as I get older. Rightly or wrongly, I do credit it with some of my real life driving skills.  Until recently, it had been a few years since I had played in a meaningful way.  I am currently baby-sitting Andrew’s PS3 and a copy of GT6 though.


This week GT6 launched a Spec FT86 Quick Match race on the Suzuka East Course, and it feels like the best online racing I’ve ever experienced. Now maybe it’s just that I’ve been “racing” on Suzuka East for nearly 20 years, or maybe it’s just that the car suits my style perfectly, but I am having unprecedented success in these races, online… against real people.

That is somewhat unusual, as I typically get frustrated by hacks banging and ramming, or have to try so hard to keep up, that I end up in the dirt or taking short cut penalties.  A momentum course and a momentum car are what I need.  As you can see, I still often suffer the pains of contact, but more often than not I can work my way back to the front.


Yes there are others out there who are faster than me, and as all the regular players who have never bothered to go around Suzuka East before, start to figure the course out, I imagine winning is going to get harder and harder.  I.E. as soon as people realize that it’s really really important to late apex turn seven to set up a long hard pull onto the front straight, I’m probably fried.  

Until them, I’ll just keep lapping in the 1:01’s and cashing in so that I can continue to fill my garage with hundreds of Hachiroku.  If you are playing holler… Or find me in an Argento FR-S.

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