You’re Still The One 2

Dead of winter.  

The ZN6… which I had planned to drive through the snow and salty slush, sits under cover of tin.  In part, that is because it is still something that, apart from some easily countable aesthetic blemished, is perfect.  It is also however… really not that good in challenging road conditions.

I don’t think that really has anything to do with it being RWD.  On TRD springs the ride is piss-poor.  With meaningful toe-out on all four corners, and as much camber as can be generated, the alignment is fairly aggressive.  I feel too lazy to tone it down… and then go through three years of tweaking all over again in the spring.  

On icy, frost heaved roads, I found myself wanting the real stock parts and settings.  Why would I bother though, when our IS300 works just great as is? Thus the FRS is currently relegated to unwanted garage filler.

When I’m not driving the car… I forget all the good things about it.

That makes me really really want a proper hachiroku again.  

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