More Changes…

IMO the SCCA’s dealing with the FRS/BRZ twins in street class has been a bit of a cluster fuck.  Optional TRD suspension packages that were supposedly port installed (although no one ever saw a case when they weren’t dealer installed) really messed up the perceived balance between the twins and created a lot of controversy.  The optional parts almost certainly should not have been legal for the class, but in 2015, an FRS so equipped, was the car to have in C-Street and took the victory there.

The car was then buried the year after by the ND Miata.

This year, the non-TRD FRS and BRZ found a home away from the Miata in DStreet, but now appear to be at a meaningful disadvantage to entry-level pony cars and AWD turbocharged four cylinders.  The 2017 and TRD equipped cars are still buried by the ND in C.

One of the most popular auto-x cars though… the SCCA has once again changed things up for the twins.  Now the zenkei models get a spec class of their own called SSC (Solo Spec Coupe) that includes some mild tune up parts… 

Excite? Exhaustion with change?

I might be in the latter category, but will of course comply.

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