Still A Kid I Guess

Gran Turismo Sport came out last month, and while I haven’t seriously played a video game in nearly five years, it looked far too good to pass up.

It’s not without its downfalls, but in my mind, the complaints about the game that I have heard from others, are not the real issues.  Yes there are WAY fewer cars available to play with than any other version of the game since the original.  Yes there are way less tracks… but what is in the game, is so well executed that I at least haven’t ended up wanting for anything.

Except the ability to play the game without being connected to the internet.

Vehicle dynamics have only gotten better.

Picture and appearance has only gotten better.

And despite some really fun camera options and livery editors, the game seems way more driving focused than ever before.  As you can see… I’ve had some fun with both aspects.

I’ve even started planning more solo vinyl package for 2018… not that I’m actually going to bite an SCCA National Champion… but it’s a fun place to start.

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