Happy New Year 1

Happy new life!

Things changed bigtime back in the summer, but nothing has changed about my reluctance to document it all.

The Annexe has effectively trebled its floor space, and that much again has been added in overhead storage. Somehow this has not resulted in a lot of empty space. It seems that whatever space we have we will fill. I suppose that will happen when a person insists on engaging in various hobbies – leading to crossover events such as the engine crane being used to hang the venison before butchering.

No heated slab in this attached shack. But there is a gas line ready to be tapped for when I finally put the days of laying on frozen concrete behind me. There was space enough back in the townhouse single to complete a motor swap, but it was a bit easier this time with an entire vacant spot beside me in the garage. That’s right, the WRX received another transplant. This time with no ambitions beyond bandaging it back together. More on that later.

I can now store multiple sets of wheels under my own roof without compromising other housing needs. So my next stealthy run to the QR Garage proper will be to remove my last pair of tires without leaving others behind. The workbench is still a cluster, but that has everything to do with how I operate and little to do with a lack of space.

As my personalities battle each other, the minimalist in me wants negative space that can highlight the mementos of the past that the nomadic hoarder in me won’t give up. Unfortunately the hoarding impulse continues to win the battle, so I am still unwilling to throw random parts away and more inclined to save my milk crates of BC6 paraphenalia – watching the WTB sections on forums just in case I can play Boyscout.

That instinct won’t be going away anytime soon, but the practice of having parts for every single previous vehicle (yes I still have e34, SVX and even FunRunner stuff) might get put to rest if I actually live a Subaru-free life for longer than a minute.

Ding-Dong the Rex is gone…. and there is a plan in place for my Bimmer count to match my personal Subie count [the SVX was V’s after all].

The plan also includes having cars that work instead of working on cars. The best idea I have for that so far is to stop “modifying” and then “fixing” things, and rather just simply “maintaining” them.

Maybe that way I will have time to ride my bike more than twice next summer. Might probably should, as long as we don’t move again.

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