Andrew’s BC6… simple and unknown. This car reminds me a whole lot of the 86 of ten years ago. A car that no one recognized and everyone questioned. Why drive the BC/BF Generation Legacy? For one…this is a chassis that is lighter than the newer GC8 (although a little bit longer), but still very very similar with many parts shared or compatible. Two… the uber rare EJ22 with a turbo and shot-peened, rally prepped 5 sp gear box. LSD’s in the center and rear… this was the predecessor to the WRX in Japan, and it’s the only thing we got from Subaru that looked remotely like it, 10 years before it would be released in North America.

Although this car lacks the total output of the EJ20T found in the WRX, the potential is there for a fraction of the cost. Stock output is 170hp, but a whopping 180lbft of torque at only 2800rpm. That number is something the SR20 can’t even comprehend… and you can bet, no SR20 ever sounded this good. Even with ITB’s.  Of course… it’ll never catch on like the 86 did… unless the new trend becomes X-treme rally, ice racing, or the fans of Colin McRae (RIP) decide to carry on his legacy with a weekly anime about it… something that will probably not happen… and just as well. There is an aura here… respect it.

Andrew’s car however, has under gone serious evolution (degradation??) since purchase.  It’s a bit hard for me to classify, but I guess the nonagon does a decent enough job.  Certainly there has been an emphasis on keeping the car good and fun on the streets.  Despite some parts of the car being rough and ratty, the interior is immaculate and comfortable with a clean DVD install and GD seats and wheel.  The suspension offers probably the best all round performance of any car I’ve ever spent a lot of time with, being both practical and yet solid enough to be a lot of fun.

Future plans?  Might be some crazy body mods coming.

Specifications of the Machine


  • Easton quarters
  • Dynamic Fr. Bumper and Lip


  • USDM GDB Wheel
  • GDB Buckets and Bench
  • DVD


  • 3″ CES Turbo Back Exhaust
  • Apexi Intake
  • WRX TD04 Turbo
  • Revtronics chip
  • 440cc/min injectors
  • Boost Up -14 psi


  • STI Version VI Struts
  • STI Pink Springs
  • EBC Yellowstuff Pads
  • StopTech Braided Lines


  • Group N Mounts
  • Daikin 7kg Flywheel
  • Daikin Sport Clutch


  • 2004 WRX 16’s
  • Gislaved Nord-Frost 5 205/55
  • 2008 Forester 17’s
  • Potenza RE070

Either I have a really cool neighbor, or my neighbor has a really cool friend. I was able to stop and take a terrible picture of this car the second time that I saw it on my block. I remember hearing stories about golden valve covers and the technicians engraving their names on the crankshaft after hand balancing. Hipster Alert! […]

Subaru Technica International

I have heard anecdotes about arranged marriages that result in true love. I believe those stories. I do not mean to imply a belief that all arranged marriages can result in true love. I merely accept the idea that the act of loving can result in a feeling of love. I also accept that many arranged marriages likely result in […]

Leaving a Legacy


Wow… it’s actually a little hard for me when I look at it like this.  The BC is dead and will be buried soon enough.  We had thought about keeping this car and transforming it into what I believe would have been an FSP MONSTER.  Ultimately though, one project is enough for me and rustic [qr]garage.  Trails or aura and […]

Bai Bi BC


Tick Tick… BOOM! Actually it was more like tick tick… CRUNCHGRINDSTOP.  Injector 0-ring fail, and side feed injectors are hostile to the Mobil 1.  That’s two motors in two weeks.  Is the AE86 next?  For the first time since driving an AE86, I actually hope NOT!  The AE86 can stay.  The BC can become monstrous.  がんばります。

So That’s What That Sounds Like


As much as I hate driving my car around on the streets, it is inconceivable how much I love it through pylons. I was not fast, but the car is pretty damned close to perfect.  I could really spend a lot of time dissecting it, and I will…  later.  (ha)  This is just a tease and exclamation of relief.  The […]

It Was Worth It

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