When I started documenting my car life online, it was 1998. Geocities was boss of the internet and Slide Squad was a real thing, and Real Ultimate Power was clearly defined. It’s has now been 18 years, and I have doubled in age. For myself, lots has changed, but this website has been a constant I’m proud of. There was a period when, I did little more than reminisce about my younger car life: when this website was fresh and wrenching and driving was all that mattered. With a wife and kids now, car life has taken a back seat, but in the last two years I have found a means to revisit some of my younger experiences. Since 2014, car life dealings have been a large part of how I make my living, and I consider myself to be a sort of professional auto enthusiast.

I am an instructor/team lead for the Canadian branch of Ford Driving Skills for Life, as well as a winter driving and auto slalom instructor. My experience and familiarity with Japanese car culture, has allowed me to serve as an advisor and writer on related topics. In addition, I am a builder and caretaker of high end race cars, and am involved in local motorsports developments. In addition to this website, I look after kyushashoes.com, a site devoted to cataloguing and researching vintage automotive wheels.

This is my QuickR car life. My busted ass, family hauling, wife taxed and deprecated Canadian car life is a thing of the past.


I’ve found my readership keeps expanding and expanding, and now, a lot of you are not fellow enthusiasts but just acquaintances and friends of all sorts. I use lots of specific vocabulary, and even some words that somehow have become only my own over the past years. Here is your guide to navigating, if your dictionary fails you. [QR]GaraGe – […]

QR Vocabulary


David’s been reading here since the beginning, and this small chunk he put together for Road & Track is great encouragement. It’s amazing how much of my history has stuck with him.  Road & Track for their part, has done very well to evolve into more than just a car magazine.  Their website features content far more diverse than the paper […]

That’s My Name

Monkies Monkies Monkies Monkies Modern punctuation and grammar. Do you get it? You obviously get it. Yes, I know I use "..." inappropriately. Yes, I know globalism isn't in the dictionary... but you know exactly what I mean don't you? Or are you really so far OTB, that you sit there with your dictionary trying to tear this all apart word by word? Maybe you are... Move on... this isn't the place to learn English. The nice thing about our language, is that so often, we can just throw a bunch of words together, and the gist of it is still clear as can be. We don't have to write every word to make sentence clear. We don't even have to spell these words correct1y. It's nice that your passionate about letters and commas, it's nice that your a perfectionist... but really it's just some elitist ploy to keep those of us who are ...

QR Grammar

My old site was soo much cooler than this wordpress stuff. I’m not sure what to do about it… but I think I do actually care.  Certainly wordpress has a few things going for it… maybe I just have to get really crazy with my theme customization. If you want to see what I’m really about, or at least used […]

Old Site


Did you all really sit at work all day refreshing and waiting for this? Back online… and only with a few errors and mistakes. Lots of old content is still missing… but it’s coming.  Lots of work to be done. Stay tuned.


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5 thoughts on “New [QR]GARAGE

  • Doug

    Yea!!! You’re back. One of the few people who doesn’t sell out there website *cough* auto otaku *cough*
    Looks great mang and hope family’s doing well

  • Vickers

    ??? lol dude i think ur on the wrong site, this is about ZJ and bushwacking. I think u got lost man.


  • Doug


    What does his slogan say?
    let’s see “Broke Married Canadian CAR Life”

    Cueman is just goin through a phase…

    I hope.

  • Q

    Bushwacking is a superb word. Cereal… after a couple years of marriage and kids… things change. If you don’t use it you lose it and I’ve found a need to compensate with ride height and tire size. I hope you never understand.

    Once I’m well established in that respect… I’ll find the confidence to return to 14’s and fiberglass.

    I’m somewhat surprised… but glad you guys have hung on.