02.07.2015 – I sold the car in October 2014 after picking up my FRS, but Andrew has since recovered it.  His vision is somewhat different than mine though, so between mending various injuries and adding his own flare, the car transforms.

Lame how I can’t leave well enough alone.  Once raped, always a whore.  It was supposed to stay stock, or at the worst an ultra light tune.  It is now the least street able car I have ever tried to street… and it’s all because I was super randy when she was at her most vulnerable.  Taking a 3000lb AWD car with 300hp, big scrub radius, welded diff, ultra light flywheel, heavy clutch and no power steering for groceries, is like taking a girl with beads in her ass out to Olive Garden.

Not that the car looks particularly hard tune, or really is even, but I’ve hit it where it counts.  At least it drives on ice better than anything else I’ve ever driven… and I’ve driven a LOT of cars on ice.

Plan is to pull the beads out and take her to Church.

Specifications of the Machine


  • Shimmed GDB Ver.8 Aluminum LCA
  • CNC 6061 T6 Gacchiri Support
  • Whiteline 24mm Rear Bar
  • Ver.8 Springs minus 0.5
  • Ohlins DFV with 7/5kg/mm springs (summer)
  • Ver 7 STI struts/springs
  • Group N Mounts
  • Camber Bolts (-2.5 degrees all round)
  • Manual Steering
  • Polybushes


  • Cobb AccessPORT Stage2 Tune
  • Catless Up-pipe
  • 3″ Bellmouth Downpipe


  • Group N mounts
  • Minus Rear Differential
  • Helical Front Differential
  • Aluminum Flywheel
  • Exedy disc and plate


  • Momo Mod 07 Wheel
  • Fondue’d [QR]GaraGe Omoi  Knob
  • Ver.7 Gauge Cluster
  • [QR]GaraGe Extra Tall Short Shifter!


  • Prodrive V1 Lip
  • Mangled Natural Composites Splitter
  • Foglight Covers
  • De-skirted
  • Goofy luggage rack with dead coyotes  inside


  • Goodridge Lines
  • Ver.6 Calipers
  • Hawk HP+ Pads


  • AC Delete
  • Misc. SPT Bling
  • Odyssey PC925
  • Running Weight 1330kg 58/42%


  • Speedline Preo-R 16 7J +48
  • Watanabe F8 16 8J +35
  • Enkei NT-03M 17 8J +48
  • Speedline Acropoli Magnesium 15 6.5J +35
  • Speedline Acropoli 16 7J +48
  • Superlative Dish 17 8J+35


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What We Had Was Real


Yes I’m sick. The WRX is actually awesome… but I’m ruled by a fantastic view of my first car, and my supposed due date. You’ve already guessed it… so I may as well say it. I have a 2015 FRS on a boat somewhere on the Pacific.

The Inevitable

It’s almost fall, and to me that means prime wrenching season. After three quarters of a season of racing, and the end of mosquito season… motivations are never higher. When my car sits in the garage and doesn’t get driven, I forget how much I like it and start fantasizing about other cars. It’s not without flaws (the turbo being […]

A Night Call

CSCC Solo 2 Event #3 featured a slalom that could be entered from either side… and while this is not an uncommon feature of local auto-x courses, this was a rare case where it was a question as to which side was faster. Debate raged, and while most of the experienced drivers arrived at a consensus, they ALL got beat […]

Choose Your Own Failure

Not driving that well… but I at least am starting to remember the rewards of auto-x. Andrew and I have driven at three events so far this year, which is more than either of us have in the last 5 years combined. The car is not really prepped for any class, but we have found challenge competing with each other… […]

We’re Actually Driving… Sort Of…


Hmmm… Subaru’s look best when they have a practical ride height. This seems too low to me… although maybe that’s just the extra 30mm of rubber shaving off my paint. Easton fender roller may have to rescue me again… Andrew and I auto-x again this weekend…

Summer Mode 1.0

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9 thoughts on “Summer Mode 1.0

  • randedge

    Naw man… sky high ride heights are for Dodge Rams.

    Everything looks great in “sparks will fly when you gutter drop stance”.

  • GrantC

    So, the most pertinent question for a tarmac setup Subaru… How much front camber did ya get?

  • Q

    I set it to 3 degrees, but after one event, I’m upping it to 3.5. I also jacked the car about 0.5″.

    Pretty amazing how it is a completely different car to drive versus the pink springs. I don’t think the back end stepped out once in 12 runs… which is boring, but proves that I’m not slow because I’m a hoon. I’m just slow.

    It does tuck the nose nicely and rotate under power on corner exit… if you remember to keep your right foot on the floor everywhere and slow the car down with the left foot. Turbo’s still suck.

    I never bothered to measure caster… I’m still running the spacer’ed Spec C arms. Pretty tempted to jack the camber all the way to 5, but I doubt the tires will survive the trek to and from the track, even if they do twice as good at speed.

  • GrantC

    That’s one of the few the plusses of camber plates and mac strut!

    You can set the plates to minimum camber, adjust to zero toe for a street setting then drive to event where you jack up car & slam the plates to max camber and end up with an autox amount of toe out.

    Then at the end of the day (since you’re not having to swap tires) you can go back to your street camber (and toe) setting & drive off…

  • Q

    That is a good thing about front mounted steering. I feel too lazy for that even… although the R1R’s do seem quite fragile. Probably worth measuring what toe does exactly.

    Rear camber is 2.25 degrees, with no adjustment available except for the play in the bolts, which I maximized. Toe in back is 2mm out.

  • GrantC

    I added camber bolts in the rear on my WRX to get rid of some of the negative camber from the ride height change.

    I ran -3.5° camber, zero toe in the front. and somewhere between -0.5° to -1° camber and zero toe in the rear. (Being camber bolts I didn’t want them at a slippable mid-way setting, so I installed them at the max outward adjustment on the upper hole).

    If you find the rear is too planted it’s something you could look at, they’re plentiful too since lots of applications also use 14mm strut bolts.

  • Q

    FWIW… I found my camber plates work nicely for at the track changes like you suggested. 1.5 degrees camber and 0 toe in is our street setting. Sliding the plates in to 3.25 degrees works out to about 3mm toe out, which I guess is still a relatively conservative number for the track… I may end up going a bit further…