2nd BC6

A resurrection of sorts.  With the body of the winestone BC gone, but many parts remaining, buying a whole new car was thought to be the best way of cleaning house.  Currently under the knife for a 5speed swap, this car that was bought for cheap from Washington, because the stock powerplant with lots of boost kept overwhelming and destroying 4EAT’s.  Excite!

Specifications of the Machine

attribute-bc6-2 FOOTWORK

  • Whiteline Springs
  • Whiteline sway bars
  • Poly Bushings


  • CES Downpipe and Exhaust
  • TD05-16G


  • R160 Clutch Type Rear Diff


  • ノーマル


  • GDA Hood Scoop


  • Legacy GT Mesh

I have heard anecdotes about arranged marriages that result in true love. I believe those stories. I do not mean to imply a belief that all arranged marriages can result in true love. I merely accept the idea that the act of loving can result in a feeling of love. I also accept that many arranged marriages likely result in […]

Leaving a Legacy

Subaru is not Toyota. I have never owned an Alfa or a Lancia but having heard a little bit about life with either, I reckon that if you want the experience of a finicky/disgruntled car while still remaining a Japanese loyalist, you should buy a Subaru. I don’t feel like ours are ever going to leave us stranded, but damn […]

Always Breaking

You might look at the picture and say that winter is already here… but this is just a run of the mill day in October. Pretty soon the white stuff will be hub deep, and the barn so cold that the heater will be meaningless. There will be an inch of ice covering all the roads around my house, and […]

Winter Is Coming

After almost a year in pieces, Andrew’s second BC6 is back on the road. I haven’t really been involved with it at all… but from what little hands on experience I’ve had, it’s been a good reminder, that the things that make cars cool are not HP and bling parts. This boroi old thing has my car beat on a […]

On The Road Again

Andrew’s new car is already under construction… although I suppose that’s not a surprise as I did say that it barely made it the trip home over the border.  People who wrench are not always proud of boxer.

Proud of Boxer?

Things are happening all around.  Ryan bought an AP2 and takes his whole family to auto-x as often as possible.  Andrew has gone south of the border and sends this image of something I think is pretty special and interesting.  As it has already left him on the side of the road once… it has the potential to be an […]

The Grass is Actually Greener

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