Zenkei 2 Door

Oops. The car that twice I said I would never get rid of is gone. The final explanation of that is that sometimes ones appetite is bigger than one’s stomach. This car simply got too hard for me, and it was all my own doing. If I had more money it would have stayed in storage forever, probably tuned even harder and driven any less.

And I say driven even less, but that’s probably impossible. In the last few years of it’s time with me I only found a couple opportunities to take this car on a closed course and really enjoy it. It was amazing there, but an embarrassment and pain in the ass on the street. I loved it dearly, but don’t miss it at all now that it’s gone… especially when I see it rolling hard around town all glassed and vinyled up.

Specifications of the Machine

attributes-ae86-2011-1 FOOTWORK



  • KAAZ 2 way LSD
  • Illegal Garage DS
  • TPS Flywheel + Illegal Clutch
  • Innovate LM-1





  • 14 6J +6 Advan A3A/A3C/A3E
  • 13 7J 0 SSR MKII
  • 14 8J 0 SSR MKII
  • 15 7J +12 SSR MK2-R
  • 14 7.5J -12 SSR Star Shark
  • 14 6.5J +9 SSR Star Mesh
  • 14 7J +5 Watanabe Type R
  • 14 6.5J +5 SSR Star Mesh
  • 15 6.5J +12 Volk Racing 370
  • 13 7J -2 Mario
  • 15 6.5J +14 Hart Racing Hart 7G7
  • 13 7J -2 Enkei AP-Racing
  • 14 6.5J +9 Hayashi Bomber
  • 14 7.5J +10 Weds Strato Upsilon
  • 14 7J -9 Konig Rewind 😐
  • 15 7J +22 Prime Hammer


This can only mean one thing… and it’s not just the AE86. Both cars are gone. WTF is going on? A. My work makes me feel like a man. B. Two little girls are really nice to come home to. C. It’s almost mosquito season. D. Japan was really really awesome. WTF is going on? I miss the AE86 horribly. […]

Mark Un-Made


This is pretty crazy. I tried putting the tires contact with the ground in the same place. I don’t think my car was particularly high before, but it’s much lower now. The rear spring is only half an inch shorter, and the front coilover got wound down about the same (8 turns). Still… most of it came from the new […]

Was 4×4?

I wanted to do a lot, but I’m really not finding time/energy to get out to the garage. I have at least, ordered new tires. The Azenis are still good, I just wanted something shorter… obviously really really badly. I’ll save the Azenis for a new Showa Toyota daily. All the AE86 guys in Japan run 185/55 14 Federals or […]

Doing Some Work… ahh… err… ahh


I had to make up for my heavy weight shift knob somehow. It needs a bit of clean up still, but the scale says I’m down more than 1700grams. That’s more than 3 shift knobs! I’ve got a pile of stuff to sandblast; this will go in that pile too and we’ll see how many more grams I can knock […]

Cheesed Lid


I’ve said before, I hate the dinky plastic shift knobs that come on most cars.  Many of you agree with me, and replace your shift knobs with big fat plastic shift knobs…  I don’t really get it.  A gear lever should have a nice weight to it.  A shift knob should fall into gear with the slightest nudge, and have […]

Anti-Weight Savings PT2


Play the odds. I advise you to buy my car next time I list it for sale. I’m an emo guy with an often grim look at the future. Three months ago I might have sold you my AE86 for like $6500. If that had been the case, I would have gladly bought it back from you today for nine […]

Don’t Be A Nice Guy

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2 thoughts on “Don’t Be A Nice Guy

  • Vickers

    Knowing there’s a Q in the world with a clean 86 makes me feel happier than a few G’s profit.

  • Doug

    Haha, To think I told the wife it would be a good investment and she disagreed! Glad to see you keep it though.