This was Andrew’s winter.  It may not have ranked highly on the charts, but it was something that he adored and I often envied.  It’s a difficult realization to make: I am often distracted by specifications and numbers, but cars (trucks!?) like this make the best daily’s even if they don’t impress with performance.  It’s not like 300hp is at all useful on the way to work.  So what Andrew got instead was something fun and small, offering great visibility, good fuel economy and 4WD of course.

Where it fell short ultimately, was in comfort and luxury.  Panels of glass and steel and fiberglass don’t fit together well with eighties technology and a dozen quick releases and latches.  The roof might have kept rain out, but it sure didn’t do much for the wind, and in the middle of winter, the heater was easily defeated.  Shame, because in the middle of winter, it really was a riot.

Specifications of the Machine

attributes-trackkick FOOTWORK

  • Eibach Sport-line Springs


  • ノーマル


  • ノーマル


  • ノーマル


  • Minus Spare Tire and mount


  • 15 8J minus Ford Van Wheels
  • 205/60 Firestone Winterforce


Andrew’s a professional writer, so I hate to scribble on his paper. He’s busy though and I’m on a break. This will be brief.  I’ve wondered sometime now, about building a truck or SUV for going fast off road.  The parts off-roaders need to creep through washouts and bog through mud holes are pretty similar to the parts a good […]

Rally Raid

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