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One man brings two to the cone party down and out ? naw, it was just a wiggle.   The Annexe has been silent for far too long.  For the last quarter of 2015 it was because I was waiting to have good news after a motor swap in the Bugeye. And that news has not come, because the JDM […]

Co Pilot

I have heard anecdotes about arranged marriages that result in true love. I believe those stories. I do not mean to imply a belief that all arranged marriages can result in true love. I merely accept the idea that the act of loving can result in a feeling of love. I also accept that many arranged marriages likely result in […]

Leaving a Legacy

My life has been full of cones. My first enounter with a cone was as a 7-year-old goalkeeper. Because when kids are too small to use a full sized soccer pitch, you make a mini-pitch and mini-goal with cones. Despite all of the lines painted on high school gymnasium floors, basketball practices are still littered with cones that define space […]


Flaps aren’t just for mud, but they aren’t just for winter either. And they certainly aren’t just for the look. Even an STI that remains gridlocked on Calgary pavement for it’s entire life will still throw slush/gravel/salt up onto the body for about 9 months a year… The first generation Legacy came with mudflaps from the factory. But the seam […]

Shatter Proof

There are a lot of neat places to explore by driving around Alberta. And although most people think to go touring in the summer, technically there are more surfaces that will hold vehicles during the winter. All that is required is a vehicle that you don’t mind going off the road with. This was on a lake not West of […]

Turn Down for What.

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4 thoughts on “Turn Down for What.

  • alunse Post author

    lol, thanks R

    Hopefully no one will notice that I have fragments all over the place starting with And & But.

  • Q

    lol… thanks… i laughed out loud… maybe even snorted a bit… on a crowed airplane… when reading…

  • randedge

    I didn’t! Just got caught up in the reading. Mid length posts are cool. Long ones even better.

    Q used to write long
    But now they’re all kind of short
    Poetic indeed