All My Other AE86

At one point there was no other car that caught my attention.  I didn’t give a damn about your Integra or your Vette, even if you were seconds quicker.  There was only one car with meaning, and the only drivers who could accomplish anything significant were drivers of AE86.  The progression of my car life is memorable and significant to me.  When I was sixteen, with my first AE86, I remember being in awe of those who had lowering springs or aftermarket intakes.  Nobody had RCA’s, only the most baller guys had LSD’s and only a couple of guys on the whole continent had JDM bumpers.

The internet changed everything.  Until I found Club4AG in 1998 I had no idea what was possible, or what else was out there.  All I knew was the valley road down by the cemetery, and the police putting me face down on the hot steel hood of my car.  Eventually I found the Calgary Sports Car Club, and auto-x… and then Japan.  All together I’ve owned ten AE86’s.  Most of them were stock or very lightly tuned, and flogged hard.  They ranged in cost from $100 to $5000.

All were rusty and gross in every respect by the standards I know today, but these were good times.

Specifications of the Machine

attributes-ae86-other FOOTWORK

  • Eibach Springs
  • TRD Greens


  • Electric fan
  • Homebrew CAI


  • ノーマル


  • Grant wheel with 20 hub extenders
  • BFH’ed seat mounts for more low


  • サビ!


  • Supra’s! 14 7J +8
  • Pizza Cutters! 14 5.5J +28
  • SSR Star Mesh 14 6.5J +10
  • Yokohama Advan A032R 185/60/14
  • Tom’s Igeta 13 7J +2
  • Dunlop TE-E
  • Epsilon Mesh
  • Enkei AP-Racing
  • Rays Engineering Volk II Mesh