Not really a project, but I liked this car a lot more than the other cars I’ve had to just drive around, and therefore I wanted to include it here.  It was for my wife.  Big, a little bit shiny, some luxury appointments, and a big powerful 1UZ V8.  I’ve hated on Toyota’s of this vintage before… but that was with economic sports in mind.  Somehow, the easily identifiable supple shape of early 90’s Toyota’s fit really nicely with this car.  Not that it’s ever a really ugly shape on any of the cars in question… it’s just that fatness works better on a sedan designed to be… BIG!  It’s also the best place for Toyota to exhibit it’s ability to overbuild cars.  Quiet and solid.

Specifications of the Machine

attribute-ucf10 FOOTWORK

  • RSR -30mm Spring
  • KYB Dampers


  • SSR Vienna
  • BRS Poison


  • Keyless