Dead of winter.   The ZN6… which I had planned to drive through the snow and salty slush, sits under cover of tin.  In part, that is because it is still something that, apart from some easily countable aesthetic blemished, is perfect.  It is also however… really not that good in challenging road conditions. I don’t think that really has […]

You’re Still The One

I’ve been dreading this day for a year and a half now.  What would the next FR-S look like? Would it have boost or more displacement? Would it have lightweight body panels? Would it have a look I love? Would it cost me a lot of money just because it was something I would have to have? At this point… […]

Zenkei Is Best?

A stock AE86 is a car with an aftermarket LSD, coilovers, RCA’s, exhaust and intake, seats, steering wheel and baseball bat fenders. No one… I mean NO ONE wants to drive an AE86 that is truly stock, and NO ONE since 1997 has ever owned an AE86 that was truly unmodified. I thought ZN6/ZC6/FT86 would be slightly different, and it […]

86 Stock

More than one of you asked… “why do you think you can’t heal and toe?” Heal and toe is hard, and it takes a lot more than just stabbing the gas pedal while braking as this vid shows. This clip from AE86 Club Vol 8 has obviously had an impact on me, as it came to mind immediately when thinking […]

Not A Pre-Requisite For Drifting