I dunno… not that I’m really complaining.  I’m so far out of drifting that my feedback has practically ZERO value.  But I checked out what was planned for this year… thought I might try and make a couple practices.  It’s true that week nights might work a little better for me than weekends… but 2011 prices are slated to be […]

It is too expensive.

It’s 1am on a Wednesday. I don’t work anymore… but there’s no good reason for that. Currently faced with the pending sale of my most beloved 86 (#6 of 10) and the end of my longest ever relationship with a car, I have various thoughts. I got a phone call tonight, from a kind mother. She got my number, from […]

My Farwell to AE86 ??For Now??


One more year has ended… or close to it. This Saturday, September 2nd, marks the last D-sport competition of the year, and the Monday following is the last CSCC auto-x of the year. At least that’s the official stuff, but following are numerous fun events that benefit from fall weather, or at lest that’s how I think. Either way, my […]

2006 Season End?

Where are you Ryan? I feel really busy, I know I’m very lazy. Minimal progress has been made on the car. This past week, various things conspired against me. Rob has finished the manifold, but we never modified the oil pan or created a down pipe when we couldn’t get flanges and tubing etc. Part of the reason for paying […]


This is busy. Last weekend was SCN, and my car made it’s first show appearance in the Speedtech booth. With work, and the fact that this was only a one day show, I didn’t really get much out of the event. It was nice to spend a little bit more time with the guys at STRD though. I’m a big […]

SCN and Fish Emulation