Going off... thanks WeiCrab Migration - AngleFactory event 1 was yesterday. With my duties as organizer, I didn't get to drive much. In fact I only did two laps during the event, and only to show a new comer the course (albiet very poorly). Running on the road course, in third gear, I have a gigantic appreciation for the pro's. With speed like that, it's a whole other game. I've actually come away from yesterday quite discouraged, with many regrets about certain aspects of the car, and my lack of time behind the wheel. Before people showed up, I did about 30 minutes of driving with breaks in between to cool things down. [...]

AF Crab Migration

It’s been way to long since anything has been written here. Know that I’ve tried on numerous occasions, but with so much going on, it seems hard to order my thoughts and write something that has structure, and is even somewhat readable. Ryan took the coupe up to the final CSCC auto-x last weekend. He placed 5th overall, and was […]

2005 Season End

Angle Factory 1 has come and gone. This was by far the most challenging course I’ve ever driven, made up of three turns. Turn 1 was a third gear entry slightly decreasing radius, turn 2 was a second gear corner that got really tight at the end, and turn three was an increasing radius corner. The first two turns on […]

Anglefactory 1

Picked up a JZA Torsen diff for the GZ out of desperation after discovering the OEM Clutch LSD was useless. Not ideal for drifting but can’t be any worse then open. One day I’ll cave and pick up a Kaaz unit but Vegas vacation says it’s won’t be this month. Third time with the rear end in an out, barely […]