AW11 Skirts1. I picked up AE92 skirts like 5 years ago. They suck. Trimming around your door looks wrong, and they are SHALLOW. 2. AE86 skirts are $$. 3. AW11 skirts aren't that easy to come by, but they are a lot more likely to run into than AE86 stuff, and they are cheap. That is what's pictured here. I'm not entirely sold though. Painting them black would probably help me decide. .


Geez I’m here a lot lately. First off… I made the claim at some point that the AW11 might have an even greater community than the AE86. I thought this because of places like, and many other large sites dedicated to the MR2. I was kind of shocked when I first found these places, and was overwhelmed by their […]

AW11 Culture

aw11_floor_bDrivers side seat rails are 90% done. It was really easy... and I was half way done before I even started. As I mentioned earlier, I was able to use the inside rail from my AE86, and only had to make one for the outside. Both of my old AE86 rails actually fit on the car, but they were spaced a little bit too far apart for my seat. Or rather... the outside rail was a little bit too far outside. The pictures show that it wasn't really a hard thing at all. My rails aren't anything fancy that's for sure... but... they'll work. You'll notice, I reinforced the original AE86 rail by welding on some more steel to give it an L shape. I'll do that again... and... I'll pull off a bunch of unnecessary material on the new fat one [...]

Seat Rail