aw11_advan_aI browsed through some of my many AE86 magazines last night... (we're back at -20 and snow) Not because I was really interested in looking at AE86's, but because I was thinking about how to make more power for the AW11. Ideas for more power... are pretty much the same as always... carbs, 20v, GZE... I don't want a turbo in this car. The only power up I've ever done on an AE86 was simple bolt on stuff. Definitely my favorite thing about the 4AG is aesthetics... it sounds awesome, and it can look so nice and clean and vintage. [...]

My Best AW11

aw11_group_sWork gets busy... and the weather is warming up (for the moment). I want to punch the AW out and get it on the road... but I think my standards slow me down. I was surprised to find that the seat rails I made for my AE86 actually fit the AW11... except... in the AW11 they sit about 2" too wide for the seat. If I modify them slightly however... they will work, and put me in a really nice seating position. Or they could... except there is a weird rail that sticks up about 40mm out of the floor and runs right down the middle of where I want to put my seat. If I just sit on top of the rail, I don't have room for a helmet... Why can't Toyota just make cars with flat floors? I took a cutting wheel to that odd stamped rail today, and was surprised to find what looks like a 2kg lead weight stuffed loose inside it. Huh? Seriously... I'll post pictures next time.

Getting The Beat AW11 Out…

Back TogetherRandy is gonna hook me up with some coilover sleeves, perches and 250lb/in springs for the front of the AW. That's nice. Problem is they come with flat top hats, which won't work. I'll have to try and find some conical ones somewhere. Ryan gave me the all his OEM mounting hardware for the factory sideskirts. I've drilled holes for those. Sideskirts seem kinda silly on a car that I intend on thrashing in gravel... that in mind I probably shouldn't be putting them on. They're even fiberglass and not urethane... bad news. But... they just looks so good, and do a lot to give a shapeless car a little bit more flavour. Plus side is... they'll save my kick panels from rock chips. I have three sets of skirts now... to sacrifice to this cause. Other useless stuff will be a front lip which I'll grab from a junk yard car (I won't say which I have in mind yet) and fit to the existing bodywork [...]

Not A Drifter Wannabe Clone

Quick idea for the AW11. I should give it a chance before I decide to just make it pretty and sell it. Despite it needing tonnes of little things, it’s really in OK shape. My original budget for this car was $3000… and now I think I should operate on even less. So far I’m about $1400 in, with the […]

Boroi AW11 Planning

Started wrenching on the AW again. I like that car. It’s starting to look good… for an AW. I’ll tell you a secret… maybe you already know it… actually… I think everybody knows it, they just don’t realize it. Any car can look good with the right wheels. Actually… I should change that… any car can look good with the […]

More Nan-demo

It’s not Ryan’s style, and I can’t even really commit to being there with him… but the recent adoptation of SCCA solo 2 rules by the WCMA has me thinking hard about an STS2 prepared AW11. For me… not only is it a really easy car to build, it’s also a car that I think could be winning… and if […]

AW11 For Serious Solo 2