I make earnest attempts over and over again to escape or revise my 86 life, but it always finds a way to haunt me.  When I awake in the middle of the night with cool calm feelings, it is generally because I’ve been turning wrenches on an engine with four shiny stacks on the passenger side, and tall swooping octopus legs […]

Finding My ハチロク Dreams

Yah it’s that time of year again… but the truth is that I think seriously about World Rally Blue all year round. I am generally always in some state of regret about a past car sale. For quite some time, it was my RN66 truck.  I’ve moved past the loss of my AE86, yet I still regret giving up the […]

Always Blue

Flashback – 2009.  Remember when I formed sheet metal to brace and stitch welded a whole car? What was I thinking? In regards to writing, I’ve thought for a while, that creative power and motivation is something that only dwindles with age.  I’ve now decided that this also applies to anything creative or expressive.  Commitments of age and maturity are a […]

When Modifications Were Fun

I’ve been dreading this day for a year and a half now.  What would the next FR-S look like? Would it have boost or more displacement? Would it have lightweight body panels? Would it have a look I love? Would it cost me a lot of money just because it was something I would have to have? At this point… […]

Zenkei Is Best?

No not the car. The website. It’s been almost 18 years. This website has been a part of me for… half my life. Gnarly. There is A LOT of history here. I can’t imagine ever giving it up, and I love it very much as is… at least in look and feel. On the back end however, it has become […]

Going Under The Knife

This is the emblem of the latest FIA race series… and it’s appropriate that it looks like it belongs on the mast of a pirate ship, or taped to a lamp post in a dark alley. Those who plot the end of the world need not an arsenal, but a single device… or in this case… a race series. More […]

A New World