This is the emblem of the latest FIA race series… and it’s appropriate that it looks like it belongs on the mast of a pirate ship, or taped to a lamp post in a dark alley. Those who plot the end of the world need not an arsenal, but a single device… or in this case… a race series. More […]

A New World

You know the car is only so interesting to drive, when I’d rather play with the camera. This is my Canon sitting on a bench with exposure time set to 8.0 seconds, me pushing the button then walking into the frame. Looks like photoshop but feels like magic. That said, for the sake of trying to get my wife interested […]

Under Cover of Darkness

We love Toyota. So much so that I named my youngest daughter after Toyota’s long running compact sports car, the Celica. Now Toyota has reciprocated, naming their most production ready concept from the Tokyo Motor show after my eldest daughter. We are honoured. And you thought I was just bullshitting when I told you that I my wife’s family was […]

Hinata Concept

The Solo season is essentially over, it snowed yesterday and leaves are starting to turn. Winter is almost here, and I’m trying hard not to demonstrate the symptoms of being sick in the head. My FRS is ok, but I want another car: a real Subaru. When I owned this car, I acknowledged that it was the greatest car I […]

In Veneration Of…


Or maybe it’s just not fun when you get obliterated. My first Pro Solo was as painful of an event as I’ve ever experienced. It was in part yellow jerry cans being fed to cars, partly stop clocks spitting out the same times again and again, and part ass kicking. If you don’t know what Pro Solo is, think drag […]

It’s Only Fun When You Win


I did some cleaning over the weekend, and ran across a couple boxes of high school books etc. These were mixed in, and I had totally forgotten ever owning them. In fact, in response to some questions I had about fasteners, Carroll Smith’s books had been popping up both in Google and in conversation, so I had put them on […]

Reduce, Re-use, Recycle