A video trailer for a book is an interesting idea, and it fails miserably here. I saw this trailer for Garth Stein’s “The Art of Racing in the Rain” in 2008 and thought to myself… WTF? Seven years later, after professional race car drivers and office ladies alike have recommended the book to me, I’ve finally made the purchase and […]

The Art of Racing in the Rain


I did some cleaning over the weekend, and ran across a couple boxes of high school books etc. These were mixed in, and I had totally forgotten ever owning them. In fact, in response to some questions I had about fasteners, Carroll Smith’s books had been popping up both in Google and in conversation, so I had put them on […]

Reduce, Re-use, Recycle

I’m often a pretty serious reader, but except for serious tech books have never found anything auto related that I thought was even worth a second glance. This however, did well to catch my eye, and keep my attention throughout. Written by a self described non-car guy, it did occasionally bore and annoy with attempted technical descriptions, but I was […]



The family is back, and I found this in a hidden compartment of my wife’s suitcase. It doesn’t look that dirty from the outside, but trust me, the pages contain some serious serious smut. It’s now secretly stashed on the bookshelf behind my Bible and Good Parenting magazines.


I’ve been browsing, and trying to learn.  It’s not really THAT educational, as most of what’s inside is stuff I’ve picked up over the years anyways.  It’s nice to have a quick, solid reference on hand though.  I could quote you some of the fine print, to justify my build… but I don’t mind acknowledging that YOU TOLD ME SO […]

Maximum Boost

I found this scan hiding on an old external hard drive.  Of course it’s totally irrelevant now… but if your like me you’ll enjoy browsing through it and seeing how things used to be.  The early nineties were an incredible time for AE86 in Japan.

Mukashii AE86 Tune