You know I love old AE86 stuff… and this is probably my most loved book/magazine.  It’s a bit of a rare find, but copies pop up on yahoo auctions from time to time.  I’m too lazy to scan the whole thing for you… and to be honest I couldn’t even really choose highlights (the above is stolen from a yahoo […]


This isn’t exactly bed time reading material.  An engineering background would be useful… and lots of it is far too detailed for even the most enthusiastic.  But if you know what you want to know, and can sort through all the formulas and vocabulary, you’ll be pleased to pick it up. It’s helped me justify some planned footwork changes for […]

Heavy Reading – Race Car Vehicle Dynamics

four-stroke-performance-tunI feel pretty good about footwork, but when it comes to drivetrain stuff... I'll admit I'm pretty stupid. I've never really played too much with making power, and what I do know, is just what I've absorbed over the past 12 years on the Internet. I always thought that books would die in the next few years... especially non-fiction books... but I may have been wrong to think that. There's just something about complete information from one source, without the distractions of pornographic advertisements and email alerts. I found "Four-Stroke Peformance Tuning" by A. Graham Bell in the back seat of Andrew's BC6 and stole it for a read. I recommend. It's basically given me a whole new outlook on making horsepower. It doesn't seem as easy as it used to... but somehow it's all less intimidating and more approachable than before. I have long term plans for my AE86 now... and they're nothing crazy. But neither am I... nor will be my ハチロク。

Education – Four Stroke Performance Tuning