I came in with caution. Lots of guys talk about bringing there daily drivers out to rally-x. Lots of guys drive 100hp 2WD cars. Lots of people drive brand new Subaru’s. My experience is that stuff breaks. Prior to this event I had attended three rally-x events in two different cars… and replaced on those two cars, one clutch, two […]

Celica In Dirt


Andrew’s a professional writer, so I hate to scribble on his paper. He’s busy though and I’m on a break. This will be brief.  I’ve wondered sometime now, about building a truck or SUV for going fast off road.  The parts off-roaders need to creep through washouts and bog through mud holes are pretty similar to the parts a good […]

Rally Raid

This is a tease.  I finally made it to RallyX.  Event #1 was cancelled due to 140km/h winds.  Event #2 came and went while I was at home loading up tools and doing a mechanical once over… but I wasn’t going to let anything keep me from #3.  Andrew came out as well, and his story is probably infinitely more […]

I Got Your Camera


I dunno… not that I’m really complaining.  I’m so far out of drifting that my feedback has practically ZERO value.  But I checked out what was planned for this year… thought I might try and make a couple practices.  It’s true that week nights might work a little better for me than weekends… but 2011 prices are slated to be […]

It is too expensive.


I say sex now, after remarking last weekend that auto-x in the AE86 felt like nothing but masturbation.  Obviously the car has been built for nothing but my own pleasures. Yesterday Ian let me co-drive his JCE10, and like sex, there were some awkward moments and things didn’t really happen like I imagined they would.  In the end… it was […]