I admit I was looking for Hachiroku pump up. An abbreviated version of this vid is always the opening scene of my porn roll, but somehow I’d never seen this version which includes a car walk through and a talk from the crying guy himself. NOTE THE BACKGROUND MUSIC! ha. You might look at the car and think POS… but […]

Uncut Version


JDM-Option has THIS VINTAGE ARTICLE on their website. Ueo is still the boss IMO, and this is my favorite AE86 of all time. It’s simple, narrow and functionally pretty easy to duplicate. That makes it pretty boring by the standards of AE86 tuning set a decade later, but these new 9J equipped SR20 or 1UZ cars just don’t impact me […]

Crediblity Check

It was OK. If I had a picture of poopy pants, I would have titled the post “Don’t Take Your Kids To Auto Salon, And How The Hell Do You Wash Your Hands Without Soap?” FRS and 787B were wicked though. D1 in a parking lot is silly.

I Went To Auto Salon

Eventful day running backwards at Mikawa with a large group. One well driven R33 Molotov cocktail, a couple of smashed four doors and a posse of Shakotan AE86’s that looked bad ass and made a lot of noise. I admired the driving of only a few… But the disastrous spectacle of others was satisfying as well.

Mada Mikawa Motorland