CSCC Solo 2 Event #3 featured a slalom that could be entered from either side… and while this is not an uncommon feature of local auto-x courses, this was a rare case where it was a question as to which side was faster. Debate raged, and while most of the experienced drivers arrived at a consensus, they ALL got beat […]

Choose Your Own Failure

With one more year on the lake expired, I have reflected and decided that my driving has come a long long way, but it hasn’t all been pleasant and easy. I’ve embarrassed myself more than my share, which is part of learning of course… but all dedicated drivers are egomaniacs that don’t take to a solid humbling very well. Lesson […]

3 The Hard Way

Monday I had the chance to visit Mosport and take part in the 2013 Porsche World Roadshow.  Not an everyday chance for me. Probably once in a lifetime actually… although I’ve still got 53 years to live.  Maybe the next time, not only will it be a nice vacation, but Porsche will actually put money in my pocket.  After all, […]

On The “Left Side”

Good looking car. At that pitiful speed though, there is little for me to regret whilst driving a well used WRX. I’d like to see it on some skinny 15’s. If you can’t get through the full lap, then watch this instead. Lol.

ZN6 Chase

I think this guy is over hyping ice, but maybe it will help convince a couple of my friends who scoff at winter driving. There is certainly fun to be had. What really caught my attention though (besides the fact that I need to open a B&B on a lake), was the tire talk. If there was someway for me […]

Someone is Excitable

In the early 2000’s, I used to spend a lot of time and money at a place in Calgary called Indoor Grand Prix. I was however, one of very few who did, and soon after I discovered the place it was forced to close it’s doors. Before it did though, I learned a fair bit about driving a kart fast, […]

Almost For Kids