There are a lot of neat places to explore by driving around Alberta. And although most people think to go touring in the summer, technically there are more surfaces that will hold vehicles during the winter. All that is required is a vehicle that you don’t mind going off the road with. This was on a lake not West of […]

Turn Down for What.


While replacing wheel bearings, I finally got around to doing a bit of a performance alignment.  With horrible weight distribution and front drive, I’ve been wanting more caster for this car.  Sadly, it is only adjustable with offset bushings, or set back strut top mounts from companies like Whiteline.  They are dollars though.  A poly bushing kit that will do […]



I’m thieving again. Someone recently directed me to Edmunds Inside Line blog, and posts tagged Suspension Walkarounds. I often hear people remark that cars like the AE86 and 510 handle as good as any modern machinery, and from some subjective point of views that might be true, but suspension designs and technology is evolving just like engine technology is. […]

More Scrub Radius Solutions


JDM-Option has THIS VINTAGE ARTICLE on their website. Ueo is still the boss IMO, and this is my favorite AE86 of all time. It’s simple, narrow and functionally pretty easy to duplicate. That makes it pretty boring by the standards of AE86 tuning set a decade later, but these new 9J equipped SR20 or 1UZ cars just don’t impact me […]

Crediblity Check


I hate to hate, especially when someone is trying to do something good. This NRCA/RCA thing has been going on way too long, and as someone who sits on the low side of the fence I often get annoyed. You won’t however, see me telling all you RCA users that adding negative camber by increasing KPI has lots of negative […]

Talking To Talk


Ryan still hasn’t returned from his trip to the states, so I haven’t had time to be de-briefed in detail… but via a short conversation he did present something that may be a problem with his current set up.  It is typical for fast auto-x cars to run stupidly large rubber.  An auto-xer can get away with it more so […]

Work Boots or Sneakers