Five and a half degrees negative camber.  Did I do it on purpose?  No, that’s actually as positive as my adjustments allow me, with the parts I chose.  Is it fast?  Maybe not.  My braking sure suffers, but surprisingly, it does seem to make good use of the tires in corners.  Soft, narrow, bubbly tires sure help that happen though.  […]

Tire Works


Until I bought my car back, I was always saying things like… “In five years I’ll buy an AP1,” or “If Toyota ever made a successor to the AE86, I’d buy it.”  But I’ve recently realized, that’s all bull shit.  I don’t want anything but my AE86. … at least in body. Because as much as I’d like to think […]

A Real Scrub Radius Solution

I took some time and made some measurements… did some calculations.  For the most part, I’m into doing things by the book.  Especially if the book I’m following isn’t fashionable, and is by some nerdy engineer or legendary builder.  There are many reasons that small scrub radi are good.  I think I’ve been there a few times, but the summary […]

Impractical Theory – AE86 Scrub Radius Calculator


Oni CamMore negative camber is always good right? No... that's not entirely the point. I started into this issue a couple of years ago, but I was reminded of it again by the fact that the in-term owner of my swapped out my NRCA's for RCA's. Since I never really finished the thought last time... I'll take another stab it it. Gonna be quick and brief though.