GT6 - FT86 Quick Match at Suzuka
I’m not one who really believes that video games skills translate to real life, or visa-versa, but having played my fair share, I believe that good racing games do at least get you thinking about the right concepts. Certainly, the serious gamers who I have driven with, always show real understanding of theory.   I’ve been playing the Gran Truismo franchise […]

When I’m Lazy

dynograph 2
I recently discovered THIS document about the updated BRZ, and am finding it more and more difficult to imagine myself NOT trading the current car in for a new model.  Yes we’ve all heard about 5 more horsepower and bigger brakes… but this document describes a whole lot more than that, and makes a good argument for real meaningful improvements that […]

A Closer Look – Kouki ZC6

JUN-Synergy-BRZ-V8-07 3
When famed engine tuner Jun is swapping out FA20’s rather than building them up, it seems like the future is bleak for FA20 owners. That said… I did add this photo to my background image roll. Certainly looks drool worthy… but when projecting 58.XXX Tsukuba times, I wonder if Jun is confusing RPM and number of throttle bodies with actual […]

FA20 Is Doomed

kind of like this 4
My excuse might be that I didn’t want to be an excitable fan boy taking pictures of shit and drawing ridicule and skepticism from the salesman who has treated me so well to this point, but the truth is that was actually so excited that taking pictures never even crossed my mind. And then I searched online for something suitable […]

No Picture

big-like 1
I’ve got my FR-S test drive tomorrow. Here is hoping I don’t feel like this guy. The car is supposed to be friendly to tall people… we’ll see. I sat in one while in Japan, it was comfortable enough, but that was with TRD buckets. Either way… it’s a big turning point. Where will my dreams go if it disappoints […]

Big Like

batman-and-robin 8
This can only mean one thing… and it’s not just the AE86. Both cars are gone. WTF is going on? A. My work makes me feel like a man. B. Two little girls are really nice to come home to. C. It’s almost mosquito season. D. Japan was really really awesome. WTF is going on? I miss the AE86 horribly. […]

Mark Un-Made

86rc-vs-gt 4
I’ve been torturing myself like crazy.  I’m wavering somewhere between 25% and 90% NOT purchasing a new 86.  If we could buy something like the Japanese spec 86 RC here (left) I’d probably be quite certain.  Don’t get the unfinished bumpers and the big empty space on the dash?  I do.  In Japan subtracting painted bumpers, alloy wheels, navigation, red […]


brz14 2
Well of course not, but when it comes to cars, sometimes I’m so happy to part with my money that it actually feels like it.  Even if I’m buying the most expensive car I ever have.  If… But it’s hard for me to determine if I want an awesome fun car, or if I want a clean shiny car that […]

All Cars Are Free

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 8.58.53 PM 3
Ahhh… maybe I don’t mind that Boxer engine after all. What amazes me is that it is Scion Canada that is doing this. Looks good. Feels Good. Reveals me to be the スーパーオタく.

Dave Rodgers