It was 2001; the summer of The Fast and the Furious. I had a fairly fresh driving license and a monopoly on the family Hyundai, but instead of mounting underglow [although tempting at the teenage-time], somehow I left the movie more interested to discover what double clutching was really for. I had never heard of Auto-X. Never ‘wrenched’ more than […]

We aRe eX


1-IMG_20150115_154437annexe /aneks/ noun: a building joined to or associated with a main building, providing additional space or accommodations. 10 years ago I made a new friend. He taught me that it is OK to take cars apart and put them back together again. And even better than OK to put things back together differently.

Dynamic Entry

Yes this car is still around. It’s still awesome… but as the roof rack suggests, Andrew has made it his own. Gone is the low down suspension and the home made aero… but it still has a trailer hitch on the shift lever, two limited slip differentials… and a third differential that isn’t. I got to spend some time with […]

Still The One

0 – Manual Main Menu 1 – General Info 2 – SOHC Engine 3 – DOHC Engine 4 – Transmission 5 – Chassis 7 – Wiring 8 – Car Information I’ve uploaded this manual for GDA owners who, “own an official Subaru Repair Manual”, and for people who don’t own a GDA, but want one so bad that they “own […]

Bugeye Repair Manual


さよなら。 My car life is the most tragic broken marriage to Hachiroku, and GDA is the rad girl I met at the grocery store after I split with my wife because she wasn’t pretty to me anymore. GDA was rad… smart and practical, a good cook, fun for porking and always there for me… but you always go back to […]

What We Had Was Real