First event of the season (a Test n’ Tune) was this past weekend. In the week before I’ve had the whole diff apart on the floor and the passenger front brakes apart to change a wheel stud. With my current lack of trust in the car, it was a white nuckled 130km road trip. No radio and the constant chirping […]

Spring Debut – GZ20 and Zenkei Coupe

Ryan's taking pictures while Andrew and I are hard at it.Saturday morning after a disappointing night of cards. Ryan, Andrew and I finally took some serious action towards the upcoming season. I've been invited to display the car at the World of Wheels next weekend in the CSCC booth, so the plan was to finish cleaning the 86 up and get it running. Unfortunately, after a few months in storage and a few minor part changes, we can't keep it running. In past years we've always wanted to get our cars to this show and it hasn't happened. At this point it doesn't look like this year will be any different. [...]

GZ20 LSD Change

Ryan sliding turn 3 at RCMO The CSCC put together a post season solo event today, and though the 86 is stashed away, we did manage to get the Soarer out. We got together Thursday night to go over a few things, and drop the car down to track height. It can go really low. [...]

Running the GZ20 on the Road Course

Picked up the GZ20 Toyota Soarer on Saturday from Christian at ImportConcern. Look for a description on a project page soon. Still have to clear the red tape to get the the car inspected for Out-Of-Province but I am hopeful that I will have it done this week. So far, all we’ve noticed is that the car wasn’t sitting level […]

Purchased GZ20