Masaharu sent me this HORRIBLE video and details of his recent escapades. I played it in the background, enjoying only the first 30seconds mostly. It’s easy to forget how haggard and hard guys over there. And it’s easy to forget that although AE86 doesn’t dominate competition, it still dominates the streets. This rivet trend is OK I guess.  I probably […]

Team Tuna

You got yours? If you haven’t seen this video… you might be a diy newb. If you have seen this video… you might be a hack. If you already have your hashirya pipe… you might be my hero. Those guys waiting in the tunnel at Irohazaka still put a little fear in me though. … and maybe you think that’s […]

Hashirya Pipe


Think the ghetto budget married car life is no different than the boro broken student car life? Think again. Here are some ideas and considerations for those of you who are so deep in the hashirya lifestyle that you have at one point called yourself a “lonely driver” in regards to your life’s plight. This is one more area, where […]

The Real Hashirya