With pricing released and pre-orders open on the 2017 BRZ as of yesterday in the USA, I am asking myself more and more seriously, “Am I going to trade in my 2015 FRS for a new model?” In the USA, the top model BRZ limited increases in price by less than $400.  The performance package (only available on the Limited […]


More than one of you asked… “why do you think you can’t heal and toe?” Heal and toe is hard, and it takes a lot more than just stabbing the gas pedal while braking as this vid shows. This clip from AE86 Club Vol 8 has obviously had an impact on me, as it came to mind immediately when thinking […]

Not A Pre-Requisite For Drifting

I admit I was looking for Hachiroku pump up. An abbreviated version of this vid is always the opening scene of my porn roll, but somehow I’d never seen this version which includes a car walk through and a talk from the crying guy himself. NOTE THE BACKGROUND MUSIC! ha. You might look at the car and think POS… but […]

Uncut Version

Buying goodies from Japan has been an expensive venture for the past few years.  But look at our dollar climb now.  The Canadian dollar is getting close to even with the Japanese yen, and I for one, am going berserk on Yahoo.  In fact, I’m sending my wife and kids there for three months just so they can pack and […]

Yahoo Alert.