It was OK. If I had a picture of poopy pants, I would have titled the post “Don’t Take Your Kids To Auto Salon, And How The Hell Do You Wash Your Hands Without Soap?” FRS and 787B were wicked though. D1 in a parking lot is silly.

I Went To Auto Salon

The birthday paradox applies everywhere and makes he world feel very small sometimes. Like when I stumble upon a good wheel find for the Celica and pull the trigger without much thought. With 120million people in Japan, the seller ends up being just down the street from my Japanese residence; a fellow ST185 and AE86 owner; and a former resident […]


Eventful day running backwards at Mikawa with a large group. One well driven R33 Molotov cocktail, a couple of smashed four doors and a posse of Shakotan AE86’s that looked bad ass and made a lot of noise. I admired the driving of only a few… But the disastrous spectacle of others was satisfying as well.

Mada Mikawa Motorland

Despite all the world’s technology you still have to wash dishes by hand. Without a proper heater or thermostat you are always too hot, or too cold. Three beers for breakfast is perfectly acceptable. You always do your best not to use the toilet. And the anticipation of going is often better than the actual experience of being there. I’m […]

Japan Is Like Camping

I don’t get how stuff like this gets built in Japan. Obviously there is a lot I don’t know about engineering. Might be a rad drive in the end. The low road to Mikawa averages maybe 35km/h, and in the event of a quake is probably just as dangerous as the highway when thousands of tonnes of concrete loom overhead.

Magic Wangan

No touge runs ATM in this area with the police cracking down hard, so Masaharu and I made the two hour trip to Motorland Mikawa for some drift running. Below zero temperatures and the upcoming event at Fuji meant attendance was pretty minimal. In fact he was the only 86. But his is interesting enough to satisfy most. It hasn’t […]

Mata Motorland Mikawa