Yay for a short break from wheels. Winter has come and I finally got a chance to try the IS300 out on the ice. My expectations for the car were not high. It is a great daily driver, and from what I have experienced on the street, very well balanced and behaved. However, on glare ice with Subaru’s breathing down […]

Driving Rear Wheels Only

I hate how pretty much everything that happens here happens on ice… but that’s Canada I guess. Matt over at FixBroke showed up with these for his GF8 on the weekend. Pretty serious. Maybe the only reason I haven’t done this myself is because I don’t want to fight with inner tubes and UHMW liners… but Matt got by with […]

Nan – Demo Rubber + Bolts = X

Very happy to find a few photo’s from Sunday’s rally-x in my inbox. Ian did a great job of making it look like the car is really moving. In actuality, this is probably only 30km/h. The course was that slick and tight. Sorry to spoil the magic of rally-x for you… but I certainly can’t hold a camera that steady […]

Fast Motion

After the car posted fast times at winter auto-x yesterday I got constant inquiries about what tires are on the car. I’ve run a number of winter tires in the past, with my favourite being the Kumho KW19 (now discontinued), I am now using Sailun WST1. Sai-what? That’s what I said, but my tire guy convinced me to give them […]

Soft Rubber

We’re back on the lake again, and my car is much changed… last year I enjoyed the car a lot when it was completely stock, but I’m never one to leave well enough, alone. It often behaved inconsistently in tight maneuvers, which was something I blamed on the nancy viscous rear LSD. It didn’t have the ability to transfer noticeable […]

Winter Mode