We’re back on the lake again, and my car is much changed… last year I enjoyed the car a lot when it was completely stock, but I’m never one to leave well enough, alone. It often behaved inconsistently in tight maneuvers, which was something I blamed on the nancy viscous rear LSD. It didn’t have the ability to transfer noticeable […]

Winter Mode


These arrived. If you need a refresh, they are Speedline Acropoli sized 15 6.5J +35 that I found on yahoo auction for a measely 8000円. Lots of Subaru guys make claim that some 16’s won’t even clear 4 pot calipers, and when looking at my Watanabe’s, that might seem true. The Wat’s fit tight, with only a couple of mm […]

Tight Fit

Just bought these on Yahoo. Uninterested? I’ll admit that they are not my most interesting find, but unlike my other Speedlines (Preo-R’s), these are not “tuner” wheels, but real competition wheels. That’s not entirely relevant to me, except that it means that these are 15’s… 15’s that will clear my 4 pot brakes. Fifteens are cool because they provide me […]

More Shoes

Bridgestone LOG Fin’s anyone? I’m shopping hard for some winter shoes… and am constantly frustrated by what’s available.  No one on any message board even thinks of putting 16’s on their GD.  I want to step down to 15’s.  There’s also mad conflicting information about fitment issues with 4-pot brakes.  Some say that most 16″ wheels won’t even fit… others […]

It’s A Chop.


I’ve already heard some derogatory comments, but I think it’s awesome. Someone called them Corolla wheels, which is basically the greatest compliment ever. The car looks very stock… but I dig it a lot. It’s a 4×4 and I love dropping wheels into ditches. The Bilsteins are a little more softly valved than I would like for asphalt, but still […]

Bunta’s Bastard


Good looking car. At that pitiful speed though, there is little for me to regret whilst driving a well used WRX. I’d like to see it on some skinny 15’s. If you can’t get through the full lap, then watch this instead. Lol.

ZN6 Chase